No Termination of Access Visas to Yemen [Archives:2001/46/Front Page]

November 12 2001

Official sources denied last week news reports about termination of visa access at Yemeni airports to people visiting Yemen. The sources said that visas are still issued at the airport for people coming to Yemen and that this system, which was meant to attract more tourists, is still valid. However, those arriving are subjected to intensive investigation of their passports in order to prevent any terrorist suspects from entering the country. The airport police are closely monitoring the those arriving in Yemen and scrutinizing their passports and other documents by the computer. This computer network will later be used in all airports and main access routes to the country.
Since the terrorist attacks in the USA on September 11, the Yemeni government tightened its security measures and arrested some Arab Afghans and any people suspected of having links with Osama bin Laden.
It also suspended the issuance of visas to Arab and Muslim students studying at Yemeni universities, mainly Al-Iman University.