No Terrorist Motives behind Sa’adah Explosion [Archives:2002/05/Front Page]

January 28 2002

A Yemeni official in Sa’adah denied any connection between the explosion of last Tuesday and the presence of the US Ambassador’s Assistant Mr. Brad Hanson who was on a visit to the area at that time. The Governor of Sa’adah, Yahya al-Amri said the explosion, resulting from planted T.N.T, did not take place 100 meters away from Rahban Hotel where Mr. Hanson was staying. Rather, he said it was 1 km far from the hotel and having criminal motives due to tribal dispute. The explosion did not cause any casualties. Mr. Hanson was on a visit to Sa’adah to hold talks with officials and Shiekhs so as to know what development projects can be done there. The US said previously it would support Yemen to push forward development in the remote and tribal areas, which are lawless, and where kidnapping of foreigners take place.