No Yemenis Missing in NYC [Archives:2001/39/Front Page]

September 24 2001

Yemen Times has been informed that there are no Yemenis missing or killed in the New York City attack that occurred on September 11th. In a telephone interview Mr. Sa’ad Almontaser, vice president of the Yemeni-American Association, told the New York-based Yemen Network that there were no Yemeni casualties as a result of the attack in the U.S. However, he did admit that some Yemeni-owned businesses in the area were damaged as a result of the attack and consequent collapse of the World Trade Center towers. His statement that revealed that no Yemeni is missing or dead as a result of the attack directly contradicts the recent estimates which put the number of missing Yemenis at 200 and lately at 8.
Regarding oppression that is taking place against Arabs, including Yemenis, because of the attack, Mr. Almontaser asserted that Arab and Muslim communities including Yemenis are well protected in Brooklyn and in many other places. He added that no major incidents had taken place in the area where Yemenis are concentrated in NYC.
On the same subject, in a telephone conversation, Mr. Mosa Al-Sharaabi, head of the Yemeni Jewish Community in the USA denied any casualties among the Yemeni community in New York. He said that all Muslim and Jewish Yemeni are still there, except a few who are believed to be spending their holidays somewhere else. He added that there were no official reports about any Yemeni victims and that Yemenis were working only in the evenings in the collapsed WTC.
At the end of the conversation, he expressed sorrow for the damage to man and property in both Washington and York.