Nojoud goes back to school [Archives:2008/1191/Front Page]

September 18 2008

By: Amal Al-Ariqi
Sana'a, Sept. 17 ) Ten year-old divorced Nojoud started her first day of school on Tuesday in one of Sana'a's public schools.

Nojoud Ali raised a national and international media storm three months ago, after she got divorced from a man three times her age.

She was the first girl of her age in Yemen to receive a court marriage annulment and her case has raised huge discussion among human rights activists, parliament members and lawyers about Yemeni Marriage Law.

The minimum age for marriage is currently 15 years-old in Yemen, but parents and guardians are allowed to overrule the law at their own discretion, if they judge that their daughter is “ready”” for marriage.