Nurses and midwives consider regulation [Archives:2002/42/Health]

October 14 2002

Upgrading the skills of nurses and midwives in Yemen, including through regulation of their professions, was the focus of three-day national conference held recently, the first such meeting ever held in Yemen.
The 1st National Conference for Nursing and Midwives concluded Oct. 7 at the Sofitel Hotel in Taiz. More than 250 participants took part in the meeting organized by the Public Health and Population Ministry in collaboration with the Canada and Development Program for Local Initiatives, CDPLI.
Participants came from different Arab countries including, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan. Directors of health offices and hospitals in Yemen also attended.
Participants concluded by mapping out a strategy to:
-Enhance the nursing profession through continuing education, and the creation of nursing and midwife body, which will result in better health of citizens;
-Improve competency of nurses and midwives through new legislation to regulate the profession;
-Provide a specialized nursing and midwife workforce and the midwives who understand up-to-date science in their fields;
-Encourage communities to volunteer more to take care of the seniors, the infirmed and the handicapped.
Participants also stressed the need for health insurance, and how best to finance it.
“The conference also reviewed the process of upgrading the educational and health institution in the medicine colleges and health institutions,” said Dr. Abdunnaser al-Kabab, the General Manager of the Health and Population Ministry in Taiz.