Odainah dome [Archives:2003/673/Culture]

October 2 2003

BY M. N. Al-Hakeemi
For the Yemen Times

Odainah dome located in the village of Odainah west of Taiz and belonging to Sheikh Wajeeh Al-Deen has no connection to the old name of Taiz ” Odainah” . It is very charming in the sense of architecture. From its architectural style, it seems to belong to era of Rasool's domination. It's simply a 7.5 x 8 meters dome of rocks, according to the national center of information . The ceiling covered with bricks, is not decorated. Besides, the Mehrab (altar) is at the southern side as well as the Shiekh's grave , 50 cm above the ground, is on the right side of the entrance. It seems the Sheikh was a good religious man as he was loved , not only in his village, but also in neighboring areas. However, the grave of Faqeeh Saif M. Al-Humaidi, one of famous Shiekhs of Aden who had a good religious reputation, is close to Sheikh Wajeeh Al-Deen's. It's worth mentioning that many well-known religious men as well as merchants had learned at his hands. Finally, the dome turned to be extraordinary in view of many people.