Official Apology to Dr. Abdulsalam and Dr. Abdukareem [Archives:2001/50/Local News]

December 10 2001

President Ali Abdullah Saleh instructed the Prime Minister, Abduh Al-Kader Bajammal and the Yemeni Ambassador to the UK, Dr. Motahar Al-Sadi to convey his best wishes to Dr. Abdulsalam Nouraddin and Ahmed Abdulkareem Saif who visited Yemen last October at an invitation by the Sanaa University to conduct a scientific study on the Yemeni coasts.
The instructions also include expressing the Presidents apology for the harassment the two professors encountered on the hands of the Political Security Office (PSO) while carrying on their job.
Dr. Abdulsalam and Ahmed Abdulkareem Saif work for the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter.