Official inauguration of Industrial Zone in Aden [Archives:2002/38/Front Page]

September 16 2002

Aden, Sept. 14 (YT)-Under patronage of president Ali Abdullah Saleh the first phase of the Industrial and Storing Quarter in the Free Zone in Aden will be inaugurated on Tuesday 17 September 2002. This phase has become ready for investment projects and building factories.
The infrastructure of the first phase of the Industrial Quarter has been built on 280,000 square meters area at a cost of US$ 3.400.000 million. The phase includes roads network, sewage, water supply network, fire-fighting systems, a station for sewage water treatment and a station for industrial waste. All these services have been completed in conformity with the latest specifications. This stage would have the capacity of installing projects in various industrial and commercial sectors.
A number of agreements and contracts have been concluded with various companies and some areas have been leased for projects construction.
The inauguration ceremony will be attended by a number of personalities, senior officials of the state, administration of the General Authority for the Free Zones in addition to YEMINVEST company and Singaporean Ports Authority PSAYEMEN-PSA.
This project is one of the most important phases that would activate the Container Port. What distinguishes the Industrial Quarter is its being adjacent to the gate of Container Port and this would facilitate transporting containers to the companies and investors inside the industrial zone and with less cost and more speed.
It is worth mentioning that preparations for beginning the construction of the second phase on an area of 420,000 square meters are now underway and it is to be prepared for the installation of bigger projects.