Oh, Death! [Archives:2007/1087/Community]

September 20 2007

By: Abdul nasser Al-Abdali
[email protected]

We both lived together for sometime

And shared the ups & downs of the life rhyme

As for our love we indeed signed

To keep happy and also fine.

Thus,we loved each other

Whatever we can find

Insults or iltreatments

We don't actually care & even mind.

But I will keep her love & she will be mine

While we are still alive among the around

And the sun & moon everyday shine.

Suddenly, I find she isnt absolutely mine

As the death will come & take her soul & also mind

Without any permission or even asigh

Ignoring both my love & consuming time.

Oh death, what a sorrowful deadline you design!

Isnt only to separate two who loved for sometime

But also leaves great effects & pains behind

As one is dead & the other remains suffering for the rest of his time.