Oil Paintings by Sarabjeet [Archives:2000/42/Last Page]

October 16 2000

Oil Painting exhibits of Mrs. Sarabjeet Bhatia was inaugurated by the Indian Ambassador H.E. Mr. H.K. Suman, at the Taj Sheba hotel in Sanaa on Thursday 12th October. The exhibition included a beautiful collection of Indian and continental paintings. The exhibition attracted a good crowd and Mrs. Sarabjeet was able to sell most of her paintings.
Sarabjeet Kaur Bhatia was born on 26th August 1965 in the Ludhiana district of India. Her desire for painting and drawing was in born and was growing within her since childhood. Though she used to draw and paint a lot during her childhood, it did not receive much notice. With her preoccupation with her studies, her talent took a back seat. She pursued vigorously on her studies and attained her Post Graduate degree in commerce from the Chandigarh University, India.
It was only well after her marriage that her talent started surfacing and caught the attention of her husband who encouraged and assisted her in introducing her paintings to the gallery. In 1998 she did a short course on drawing & painting which brought further refinement into her work and during the same year she introduced her oil and glass paintings in the galleries of Bombay and Delhi in India. Her paintings caught the public attention and she received much acclaim for her work.
In Yemen, she is a member of the International Womens Association in Sanaa and actively participates in all their programs. Her first exhibition in Yemen was under the banner of IWA in April, 2000.
As a housewife, she is an extremely busy woman, taking care of her husband and her only child, and spends most of her free time in doing oil paintings and glass miniatures. She came to Yemen along with her husband in March 2000 and was much impressed with the Yemeni culture and customs. She plans to introduce another set of paintings next year depicting Yemens culture, architecture, people and the countrys beautiful landscape.