Oil pipe line subject to explosion [Archives:2008/1220/Local News]

December 29 2008

Mohammed Bin Sallam
SANA'A Dec. 28) Anonymous tribal groups exploded an oil pipe line connecting oil fields in Mareb governorate, east of Sana'a, with exportation port by the Red Sea.

Local sources said that the pipe line was subject to explosion by elements from an area located between Maswar and Al-Suhman regions in Sana'a governorates Jihana district, located some 40 kilometers south east of Sana'a. The pipe line links the oil production fields in Safer area, east of Marab, around 155 kilometers from the explotion site, and the Rass Eyssa exportation port in the red sea.

The sources pointed out that a strong fire followed the explosion which resulted in leaking of huge quantities of oil to the agricultural farms where the pipe line passes through. Eye witnesses said that they could see columns of smoke rising while they were about 20 kilometers far from the explosion site.

The incident that took place around 5:00 in the morning resulted from an explosive, according to the online3 web site Marebnews.net.

The sources say that the fire continued until Yesterday afternoon and that fire fighting vehicles couldn't reach the location to quench the fire due to the bumpy road.

Eye witnesses reported “this explosion is the second in the area after a similar event took place in the same pipeline late this past September””