Oil Pumping Station in Marib Attacked [Archives:2000/36/Front Page]

September 4 2000

A tribal source confirmed that an attack with RPGs and bazookas was launched at oil pumping station number (2) in the Serwah area in Marib governorate last Saturday morning in an attempt to explode and destroy it.
The attack, which missed its destination and did not cause any harm to the station, is said to may have been launched in response to the military escalation at the (25) region in Serwah which resulted in launched attacks against villagers houses about 40 days ago.
The military units in Serwah had destroyed 10 houses and burnt 5 others after a group from Al-Zayidi kidnapped 4 officers belonging to the Sanhan tribe, and were taken to Marib, causing tension to increase and continuous attacks to take place.
The military units currently residing in Serwah responded swiftly and strongly to the attack and confrontation between the military forces and villagers is expected to escalate in the coming few days.
On the other hand, the same tribal source added that the tribesmen are exerting pressure on the government to pay them compensation for the destruction and burning of their houses and properties.