Oil well with capacity of 2,670 bpd:Major oil discovery in Yemen [Archives:2004/725/Front Page]

April 1 2004

A source at the Ministry of Oil revealed that a major oil discovery took place last Friday at the Al-Nabraga well at block (43) south Hawareem. The block, which is operated by DNO, ASA Yemen, was found to have an estimated oil production capacity of 2,670 barrels per day.
Chairman of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Authority, Mr. Nabeel Al-Gawsi, told Yemen Times that this is a significant discovery that promises potential oil wealth beneath the surface, still awaiting investment to be uncovered.
“This is indeed a major discovery that has indicated once again that Yemen does have great potential for investment in the oil field, and confirms the wide interest of international oil companies in investing in Yemen.” he said.
There is no doubt that this discovery will be followed by others, confirming that many parts of Yemen will witness similar discoveries, which will bring more investment into the country and consequently contribute to economic development.
Confirming this news, DNO ASA sources said in a statement “as a consequence of the encouraging test results