Okeimi declares failure of negotiations of Sholan and Hamdan [Archives:2005/881/Local News]

September 29 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANA'A-Sept. 27- MP Okeimi told Yemen Times that the battles between the Hamdan and Sholan that took place while the leaders of the two sides were in detention claimed the lives of eight and thirteen were injured.

In a release to Yemen Times last week MP Alokeimi, who is still in detention, said that there is a tendency to release them, with no prospects of a solution for the problems for which they were detained. He said that if they were not detained things wouldn't have been escalated to such an extent.

The mediation committee that was formed by the president failed to reach compromise, following their verdicts in the late violations of the reconciliation agreements.

In spite of the reconciliation agreements under sponsorship of the president, which were signed between the two sides in the Ministry of Defense, battles were resumed again at the beginning of this week, though there were no casualties. It worth mentioning that, the president compelled the two sides to hand over more than fifty guns to guarantee that they won't violate the agreements.

Some tribal dignitaries think that the Sholan and Hamdan case is an indicator that the president can't resolve conflicts between tribes.

Other sides accuse some officials of escalating battles of revenge in Yemen while the officials assure that the tribes are not wiling to end their differences because they are victims of old traditions that they often abide by.

Analysis show that weapon's victim's rate is about 80% whereas the revenge cases claimed five thousand lives during the last two decades. A number of revenge cases are still pending and they are real obstacles for development in tribal area.