Old houses in Zabid collapse [Archives:2005/876/Culture]

September 12 2005

Two houses have collapsed in the Old City of Zabid, 100 kms to the south of Hodeidah, reports from the area said. Other 10 houses are reported to have suffered cracks due to rains that fell last week.

No injuries were reported in the collapse because buildings had already been evacuated to preempt any harm.

The historic city of Zabid has seen collapses of ancient houses. Some 11 houses collapsed and 20 were cracked in 2005 as a result of heavy rains.

Residents have expressed their protest against the negligence of the government which has taken no action to protect and conserve the old city of Zabid. Rainwater gathers in open cesspits and weakens the bases of buildings leading up to destruction. The UNESCO warned last year that it would remove Zabid from the World Heritage List.