Oman envoy in Yemen [Archives:2003/637/Local News]

May 26 2003

Oman's Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed special envoy arrived in Sana'a last week to convey the sultan's congratulations to president Ali Abdulla Saleh of Yemen on the on 13th anniversary of Yemeni unification observed on May 22, 2003.
The president on Friday received Shiekh Mohammed bin Ali al-Katbi, the minister of state, the governor of Dhafar govenorate who conveyed the congratulations message from Sultan Qaboos.
The Omani ambassador to Sana'a Mr. Abduallah al-Bathi said in statement to Yemen Times that the meeting did not discuss any of the distinguished relationship between the two countries. He further said, “The Sultanate often sends special envoy for conveying congratulations in expression of the distinguished bilateral relations of the two neighboring countries.”