Oman’s 32nd national day marked [Archives:2002/47/Local News]

November 18 2002

Today, Monday November 18, the Embassy of Oman celebrates its thirty second national day in Sanaa. Each year, Oman celebrates the reign of Sultan Qaboos on National Day, 18th November.
Oman has been developing rapidly during the last decade as its economic, human, political, and social development statistics indicate that it is among the fastest growing nations of the world.
At the time he assumed office in 1970, Sultan Qaboos took over a nation in need of a new direction. Many areas needed to be developed: a better schooling system, health care system, sanitary facilities for water purification, housing and communication systems. This new leader knew that to build an infrastructure in his country, he needed to establish political stability first. After he was able to achieve stability, a new wave of reforms started to develop the country in all aspects. Today, Oman stands as one of the most rapidly developing countries of the world and is considered a model for many countries to follow. Through the persistence of its leadership in coping with the new era, Oman was able to adopt to a changing world requiring new strategies and visions to suit the 21 century. Oman has succeeded in its initial developmental goals, and is looking forward to a brighter future.