Omar abdul Kafi for the first time in Yemen [Archives:2007/1051/Local News]

May 17 2007

Omar Abdul Kafi, a well-known Islamic preacher, visited Yemen in May, 12. Abdul Kafi spent two days in Yemen. He held numerous lectures in different places and met with a number of Yemeni officials and other social as well as religious figures in the country.

Abdul Kafi was born in al-Saeed in Egypt. While he was ten years old, he memorized the Holy Qura'an. In 1972, he graduated from agriculture college and was appointed in the same college.

Abdul Kafi studied numerous sciences of Islamic law while he was a child under scholars' hands. Further, he memorized both al-Bukkhari and Muslim by heart.

After graduating from the college, he affiliated himself with Islamic and Arabic studies and got MA degree in the Comparative Fiqh. Additionally, he began calling to Allah in mosques after graduating from the college. Now, he is a member in the institution of wise men for the international union of the Muslim scholars.