On my own initiative We and our inglorious destiny [Archives:2002/40/Focus]

September 30 2002

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Turning long since you’re been cast into the vortex of a damnable yielding up and a callous eventuality, you develop even more a worst terrible headache as you attempt to make what they are boasting of! I wonder how they can lead a life of ease and harmony in a time they are being confronted with such inglorious destiny and deeply felt humiliation. Why should they always exalt the has-beens and turn down the aspirations of the laity.
I believe we never more need to show nerve in our words or have moist cheeks. We need but to take feasible and serious measures to create a powerful generation, destined for a common goal- an enlightened and cosmopolitan one that is preoccupied with his Islamic and Arab issues, but not with bowing low to lower leaders and kissing up to invaders, such a generation can surly step the struggle for a better life up.
As a matter of fact, what is presently being looked up to as a glory is but a mere force unless it ever clings to its greatness and keeps glorious. Glorious? Well, I never!
In fact, we are buying time while scandals and disgrace are gnawing into hearts, resulted in whines and whimpers that can soothe savage beasts, and prick consciences of those who have got minds. Should those puppet governments continue to be negligent? And will our leaders take stock and it over?
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