On occasion of Labor DayYemenia honor prominent workers [Archives:2005/840/Local News]

May 9 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANA'A- YT-The Yemen Airways, Yemenia held last Wednesday a ceremony in which prominent workers received honors on the occasion of the World Labor Day.

The ceremony was held at the hall of maintenance and engineering at the Sana'a International Airport, and was attended by a number of Yemenia employees. The assembly stood before a 310 -Airbus plane that was rehabilitated by some specialist engineers after its service was suspended.

Mohammad al-Arashi general manager of maintenance department talked about the successful achievements scored by the department without the help of foreign experts, but by virtue of national efforts that was exerted according to internationally recognized maintenance standards.

Captain Abdulkhaliq al-Qadhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Yemenia praised such achievements of local experts, particularly as their efforts spared largesums of money, reaching half the value of the plane, that was about to be paid to foreign experts for maintaining the plane.

He confirmed that the consultation of foreign experts was limited, and that the fleet of Yemenia currently contains six modern planes.

He stated that Yemenia has entered in strong competition with other airways companies supported by the neighboring countries, and that there is an 80% increase in fuel price compared to previous days.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Commercial Manager awarded prizes and certificates of merit to prominent workers who numbered up to 183.