On the 15th anniversary of Re-unification Iranian Ambassador congratulates Yemen [Archives:2005/845/Local News]

May 26 2005

SANA'A- Meeting with the Yemen Times, the Iranian Ambassador to Yemen Mr. Hussein Kamalian expressed his warmest congratulations to the Yemeni government and people on the 15th anniversary of Yemen's national day.

HE the Iranian Ambassador said: “first of all I would sincerely congratulate the government of Yemen and all the Yemeni people on the 15th anniversary of Yemen's national day, and therefore I would like to confirm the firm stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran toward supporting the unity of Yemen.”

The Yemeni Re-unification gained its importance and reputation on the regional and international levels through the presence of the Yemeni government in different regional and international conferences.

The Islamic Republic of Iran was the first country to felicitate Yemen on the occasion, and it stood by the continuity of Yemen's unity during 1994 war against rebellion.

The visit paid by HE President Saleh to Iran in 2000 and the visit of President Khatami to Yemen both reflects an enhancement of ties between the two Muslim countries.

The Iranian Ambassador pointed out, “the serious politics that are adopted in the two countries is thought to have brought success and prosperity; rather it is the stimulus of making distinctive ties between the two countries.

“The politics adopted by leaders of Yemen and Iran led to enhancing ties between the two countries in political, economic, cultural and health areas,” the Ambassador added. ” We expect such close ties to keep on enhancing with the passage of time.

He indicated the Islamic Republic of Iran is always ready for supporting the Republic of Yemen to achieve its sought goals and fix its unity throughout history.

“We hope the close relationships between the two countries serve the nations of Yemen and Iran” he added.

On the political field, the two governments work on achieving coordination and complementation through the exchange of team visits and extending invitations. Besides, there is a good coordination in the political areas between senior officials at the regional and international levels as well as on issues that concern both countries.

Additionally, there is the joint political coordination committee that holds periodical meetings to discuss issues of the two countries.

Regarding the cultural cooperation, the Iranian universities care for enrolling Yemeni students in different majors, and in health-related areas, cooperation has been so far manifested in the establishment of new hospitals.

In his final words, the Iranian Ambassador has shown concern over the attempts of some private newspapers to defame the reputation of Iran and implant animosity among Yemenis toward the Iranian people through the publication of fabricated stories.

According to the Iranian Ambassador, such acts never serve interests of the two brotherly nations, and he therefore called on editors and journalists of private newspapers to only circulate what is entirely true and respect morals of the profession.