On the 30th Anniversary of British Departure from Aden: Yemen & Britain Square off in Aden, Again! [Archives:1997/44/Front Page]

November 3 1997

On the 5th of November, a Royal British Legion delegation will arrive in Aden. This is their annual pilgrimage to Aden. But this year, given it is the 30th anniversary of the departure of British forces from Aden, the delegation is larger – some a 100 veterans, widows, children of veterans, and friends. The high point of the visit is November 9th, a day Britain remembers her dead warriors. In Aden, a Remembrance Services will be held at Ma’alla Cemetery and Silent Valley Commonwealth War Graves. Another high point in the program is the the cricket match between the a local team and a team of the Royal British Legion. They will square off at Hubaishi Stadium on Friday, November 7th. Adenis and their visitors will join in the fun. The Royal Horse Artillery and the Yemen/British Friendship Society delegations add extra activities to a busy program involving Yemen and the United Kingdom. The itinerary includes visits to Taiz, before completing the journey in Sanaa. Meanwhile in Sanaa, a British week is being planned for later in November. This is an occasion to enjoy British music, folklore, and, of course, food.