On the occasion of World Consumer’s DayConsumer Protection Association defends Yemeni consumers’ rights [Archives:2004/722/Local News]

March 22 2004

The world celebrates on 15 March of each year the World Day of the Consumer. This year's celebration was under the slogan “Water: the World's Issue”. In a statement issued by the Consumer Protection Association, the association expressed the concern of consumers about insufficient water resources in comparison with the rapid increase of the world's population in general, and the dangerous situation threatening Arab national security, including in particular Yemen.
The Association emphasized the importance of this issue in Yemen, which registers a shortfall in water reservoirs and the ability of water resources to meet population growth challenges, especially in some major cities such as Sana'a and Taiz. The water problem in Yemen has to be thoroughly considered due to the limitations of its resources, the importance of water rationalization in human consumption and the priority for usage of available water in other economic sectors, agriculture, industry and services, on the basis of expected rewards of using this resource.
This requires the State to develop the infrastructure of concerned related corporations in order to create an able administration to handle water resources and to motivate the private sector to invest in this field, in addition to encouraging social initiatives aiming at increasing the contribution of society in investment cost sharing, which will lead to the expansion of the number of recipients of healthy pure drinking water.
The Association realizes the importance of water problem, but it does not neglect other issues, which are also considered priorities. The Consumer Protection Law, once approved, will enhance efforts on consumer protection. Food and medical safety and related developments imposed by globalization and scientific advancement have resulted in issues such as genetic engineering and its as yet undetermined side effects on human health and the environment. The Association also confirms its obligation to follow up on all negative phenomena related to the marketing of consumers goods, especially with connection with the marketing of expired products or products not meeting specifications and standards for human consumption.
The Association emphasizes its critical role leading to the activation of laws on chemical fertilizers. However, it expresses its concerns towards the freeze of the activities of the related authority concerned with registering and granting import permits and the continued sale of these fertilizers in residential areas in Sana'a city and other cities without the commitment to safety conditions required. It is also concerned about the sale of cooking gas cylinders not containing the distinctive smelling substance to detect gas leakage, which in turn prevents gas home-injury incidents.
The Association values the reaction and cooperation of various official and local media organizations on the issues brought up by the Association for the improvement of public awareness of important and critical issues in the common interest.