On the occasion of Yemen Times 11th anniversary A letter to Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf [Archives:2002/12/Focus]

March 18 2002

Dear Abdulaziz
As we celebrated the 11th anniversary of the founding the Yemen Times recently, let me congratulate the Times. The first English-language newspaper in Yemen, one of the best papers in the country, has now gone from a local newspaper to one with a presence across the world.
My dear brother Saqqaf, before your untimely death, you projected a good image of Yemen to the rest of the world and in a heroic manner. You were a true representative of Yemen at international events and gave us a good reputation among the nations. You made for yourself a professional journalistic career and you were a brave and skillful writer.
Your articles were full of in-depth analysis, transparency and stark facts. You were a powerful human rights advocate and a leading anti-corruption personality in our country.
The unbiased and professional reporting of the paper you have left behind now is continuing to give credulity to Yemeni press. The Yemen Times is a true reflection of professionalism and credibility, and is a reference for both local and foreign researchers. You were aware of the importance of journalism in forming public opinion, which in many cases provoked the government, but in all the cases served the national interest of the country.
Your death has been a great loss for all freedom-lovers, and human rights and democracy advocates. Yet you have set an example to follow for all faithful Yemenis. Your contribution to the establishment of several civil society institutions is a remarkable deed.
You are always on the heart of our people, since your life was full of achievements and help for our people. If there are people who died leaving no trace after them, you aren’t indeed one of them. We still hear the echoes of your voice high in the writings of your followers and your newspaper as well.
You are not a dead person; even if your body has disappeared, your soul is still amongst us and between the lines of your newspaper.
By the grace of Allah, Yemen Times will continue as it was, a defender of democracy, human rights and civil society; a defender for the oppressed and a tribute to all the faithful people striving for modernity and progress.
May Allah bless you with eternal life in His Heaven.
Your dear brother,
Mohammed bin Sallam