On the sunset [Archives:2008/1157/Community]

May 22 2008

By: Adnan Hassan Al-Halmi
Overcast sky, foggy minds, and the day is cloudy

Time is up, knowledge is gained

Happiness left, agony came

Farewell fellows, gratefully to our teachers weare,

Strangely, to each other whence we came

But brotherly united by knowledge we became

Both boys and girls

So difficult to say bye though time for everyone

To follow his own destination and ways

Thus, I know that pains and sorrows dwell at your Heart

Your sad eyes filled with tears

Let me wipe with caring stares

And we'll look on the sunset together

Silently, politely, softly she is leaving without saying

Goodbye But a sense of beauty silence is

At the top of my heart still be

Our love neither ends up nor dies

A source of beauty, inspiration, and purity she is

So, let's celebrate the carnival of our love's fourth


Don't go further don't go alone

Don't leave me with the moon