One killed, two wounded in Sana’a-Marib highway [Archives:2005/881/Local News]

September 29 2005

Marib- Sept. 27- A local from Nahd tribe, administratively affiliated to Shabwa governorate, was killed last Monday night and another two were wounded, one badly when unidentified armed men attacked a bus filled with passengers.

The anonymous group opened fire on the bus while it was driving in the Sana'a-Marib highway, 30 km remained for it to reach the city of Marib.

The incident evoked anger among Nahd tribesmen who then assembled in the place of the accident claiming the concerned authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

A number of prominent tribal sheikhs have shown concern and expressed their sorrow because the government did not take any measures nor did they pursue any efforts in search of the perpetrators.