One-million signatures campaign kicks off in Sana’a [Archives:2007/1047/Front Page]

May 3 2007

By:Yemen Times Staff
SANA'A, May 2) The one-million signature campaign began Tuesday in the capital city of Sana'a, organized by a Qatari charitable in coordination with Al-Hikmah Al-Yamaniah Association. It aims to collect one million signatures in favour of Quds and against Israel's attempts to destroy and desecrate Aqsa mosque.

The campaign first started in Kuwait, then Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and now in Yemen. It will continue in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Sudan. It is worth mentioning that one million signatures will be gathered on a 1,000-metre document which will be sent to the UN Secretary-General early June.

In an inauguration ceremony, Yemen's minister of endowment said that Yemeni people and their president stand by the Palestinian people and their cause, calling on all Yemenis to participate in the campaign.

Sheikh Abdul-Majeed Al-Zindani called on Arabs to stand united, condemning the silent position towards Israeli's violations in Palestine. He suggested establishing Arabic and Islamic army to be tasked with defending the nation's holy land, wondering about the importance of 58 Arabic and Islamic armies.” If this [Islamic] nation took matters firmly in hand and stood united seriously, the world would then listen to our cause without signed lists,” he said.