Only 10 Persons On-line At Any Time in Yemen! [Archives:1998/36/Front Page]

September 7 1998

It is really pathetic.
Yemen Times has taken twenty samples on different days, at different times, to see how many people were hooked on the Internet at any time, through the TeleYemen server. The statistics were collected during the twenty days 17-31 August, 1998. We tried mornings, afternoons, and evenings. The highest number was 14, and the lowest 7. The overall average is about 10 users.
That average for the whole nation is less than the average for one institute or company in the advanced countries. To add insult to injury, 80% of the users were foreigners. The most frequent user was the Yemen Times; the 2nd highest was the US Embassy, and the 3rd was a foreign company.
It is also disturbing that none of the academic institutions of Yemen, including universities, has access to the Internet.