Only 3 days remaining before the historical day of the first direct presidential elections of Yemen THE FINAL  COUNTDOWN [Archives:1999/38/Front Page]

September 20 1999


SANAA: Only three days left before the first direct presidential elections in the Arabian  Peninsula take place.  Citizens who have decided to vote are closely monitoring the campaigns and are on the verge to deciding whom to vote for on the 23rd of September. Even though many think that President Saleh will win, it is  still exciting to live in a time where a 
competitor against the Republic of Yemen is having his poster posted on vehicles and walls, and having his campaign broadcasted on TV and radio, and his programs published in newspapers and publications, including the Yemen Times (see supplement inside). The scenery of a person defining the economic situation as backsliding, criticizing the government, and asking for public support to replace the current president, has not been heard of in the history of Yemen, yet it is happening today.