Only ARAMCO knows for sure!Important find or a manipulation? [Archives:2004/757/Last Page]

July 22 2004

Yemen Times Staff

A friend of the YT sent the above photo, stating that this was a discovery in the Rub”a Al-Khali (Empty Quarter) Desert (Saudi Arabia). While YT is unable at present to confirm or deny the authenticity of the photo, one would be inclined to believe that such a find, if true, would have made world headlines. To avoid any possible misrepresentations, in the event that the photo is -fixed), we hope the Saudi Oil Company, Aramco will enlighten the public of the facts behind the picture, which could be used erroneously if it is a manipulation. Aramco is undergoing exploratory work for gas in the area (to the east and north of Yemen). There are assertions that the photo is of a giant corpse of one of the Aad people, an ancient powerful tribal nation, believed to have lived in Southern Arabia. While the Quran does not state categorically that the people were of large physiques, traditional inherited tales has it that they were giants. They were sent a messenger [the Prophet Hud (Blessings of Allah be upon him], who has a tomb in Hadhramaut Governorate), but were not responsive to his calls for abandoning polygamy and for believing in the One True God, Al-Mighty. They were annihilated, except for Hud (P) and his few followers).