Open borders in October [Archives:2006/998/Local News]

November 13 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 4 ) The highest number of Africans entered Yemen during October.

Security sources said coast guard forces were able to track over more than 3,600 immigrants and most of them were arrested on Shabawa coasts.

The same source revealed that there are 848 women and children among those who came to Yemen in October. The number includes 2,748 Somalis, 848 Ethiopians and five from other nationalities.

By comparison there were 1,072 people on Yemen's shores in September, including 223 women and children. The number of Somalis reached 942 and 128 Ethiopians and two with Arab nationality.

The number of entrants recorded so far since the start of this year reached more than 16,800.

At the outset of this week Yemeni authorities deported more than 380 African emigrants, mostly Ethiopians. Most of them were arrested over the last month in Al-Makha, Taiz governorate.

“The security apparatuses