Open day at Al-Rahma foundation [Archives:2004/775/Community]

September 23 2004

By Rami al-Absi
Yemen Times Staff

Al-Rahma Foundation for Human Development (RFHD) held an open day on Tuesday September 14th. The day featured various activities, including a clothes exhibition, a feast, and an artistic show by the foundations orphans.
A lecture titled “Cancer: reasons and protection” was delivered by Dr. Nadeem al-Qadasi, director general of the Charitable Establishment for Supporting Cancer Centers.
The Foundation was established as an orphanage in 2001 and it has been considered a foundation since December 31st 2003, when a benefactor donated the buildings. It aims basically to participate in solving one of the most serious social problems in Yemen, orphanhood. The Foundation's tireless efforts are directed towards giving shelter to orphans, providing them with the right nutrition, education and raising awareness amongst them.
'Besides accommodating 18 boys and 56 girls, the Foundation sponsors other annual programs targeting orphans who live with poor relatives,' the manager said to YT.
“The Foundation is trying to alleviate the suffering of this social group through providing them with food stuffs, clothes, medicines and some other things.”
“The Foundation hasn't specific sources of support; it totally depends on benefactors.” she added.