Open defence of M.Ed students at Hodeidah University [Archives:2005/820/Education]

February 28 2005

By Dr. M. Kundu
Department of English,
Faculty of Education
Hudeidah University

Open Defence of M.Ed. students under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Qassim Burehe, President, Hodeidah University, took place in the conference Hall of the university recently. It was one of the important annual events of the department of English, Faculty of Education. Seven students who faced the Open Defence were admitted to the M.Ed. Degree. The external examiners who conducted the Open Defence included great stalwarts of academics like Prof. D.Thakur and Dr. A.K. Sharma of Sana'a University, Dr. A. Prasad of Ibb University and the internals were Dr. A.K Sinha, Dr. Krishnamurlhy, Dr. V.S. Dubey, Dr. I.B. Sharma, Dr. Abbas Nama and Dr. M. Kurdu.

The Open Defence started at 8.30 am and lasted till 5pm ,with a short lunch break ,in the presence of a large audience which included special invitees, educational administrators, professors and students of all the faculties. Open Defence for each candidate started with a presentation of the candidate followed by questions by the external who acted as the chairperson of the session. This was followed by questions from the internal examiner and finally the supervisor concluded the session. The examiners then disappeared from the scene for a moment to sit and decide the result and grade confidentially and then came back to announce the results.

The event was a great experience for all those who were present. The Externals' comments on the topics of research, particularly from great academic stalwarts like Prof. Dr. Thakur were very educative and entertaining for everyone, specifically for the 1st year M.Ed. students who were looking forward to the next year 's event ,may be with a little apprehension.

Prof. D. Thakur praised the high quality of all the researches done. The event was hosted by Dr. Ibrahim Omar Hugari, Vice-President, Graduate studies,Dr. Abbas Abbas, Vice – Dean ,Students's Afairs and Dr. Ali Khairat, Vice-Dean Academic Affairs, Hodeidah University

Prof. Dr. A.K. Sinha, Head of the Department of English, Faculty of Education functioned as the master of the ceremony.