Open letter to oppressive Arab leaders [Archives:2003/632/Viewpoint]

April 21 2003

Dear oppressive Arab leaders,
Look at what happened to Saddam Hussein? It is true that he was toppled by a super mighty power, but he eventually fell, and sooner or later, all of you will too.
So many years have passed, yet you continue to oppress your people. What have your countrymen done to live through such misery and pain under your rule?
You may enslave your people, but you have been enslaved by the US in many ways, economically, militarily, and even in terms of media. You are now unable to speak up and say “no” to the US for any reason.
Look at your shameful Arab summits that come with condemnations and protests, but then what? You end up doing nothing. What have you done for Iraq? Absolutely nothing!
No matter how powerful you feel you are when tyrannizing your own people, you are still weak from within because you cannot raise your heads and stop a foreign power from toppling your colleague. You have the army and means to slaughter your people, but if those disappear, they will come for you.
In today's world, a regime can be enslaved only and only if it accepts enslavement. Hence, it was you who accepted enslavement and preferred pleasing foreign powers over your people.
The gap between you and your people is huge and is getting wider every day. Never think that you are much different than Saddam Hussein. You are all oppressors but with varying degrees. You have deprived your people of their basic rights to freedom, democracy, and other human rights.
Because a leader loved by his people will be protected by them too, it was perfectly normal that Iraqis would let their leader face his fate in the way he did. Why? The answer is simply because he was never loved. How can you be loved when you take away people's freedom, torture and humiliate them in every way? They hated him and they hate you because of your oppression and brutal force used against them.
This applies to all of you. You are not loved by your people. If a coup succeeds against any of you, your citizens will not shed tears for your demise, but they will destroy your statues, tear into pieces your posters and curse you.
Dear oppressive Arab leaders,
Before it is too late, you must realize that it is your people's appreciation and love that you should attain, and not the US administration's or any other entity's satisfaction. You tortured enough, you killed enough, you threatened enough, and perhaps your people could be forgiving and let you start all over again.
It is your people, whom you should trust only when you treat well and give freedom to. Never trust a foreign power no matter how close you think you are to it. Each superpower will look after its own interests. Even if it shows that it loves you, don't trust in what it says, and always remember what happened to Saddam when he trusted it.
Abandon your evil ways of treating your people.
Allow freedoms.
Establish justice.
Allow peace, and then rely on your people when the moment of truth comes.
But if you face the danger of falling and you are still oppressing your people, then it is better for you to walk alone, fight alone, and fade away all alone.
Believe me, it is all in your hands today The sooner you work on having your people love you, the more likely that your fate will not be like that of Saddam.
The power of a regime is attained from its people, and this power is greater and stronger than any other force on earth.
I hope you understand, and start acting today