Opening of the First Cardiac Surgery & Cardiology center in Yemen [Archives:2002/03/Local News]

January 14 2002

After a long preparation for open heart surgery in the Yemen German hospital, which has given its management the time to equip the department of cardiac surgery to high standard, the Hospital will shortly be inaugurating the first cardiac surgery and cardiology center in Yemen.
The department is under the leadership of Prof. Raboi, the first Yemeni cardiac surgeon with 15 years cardiac surgery experience and Prof. Dr. Struck from Germany who has performed heart transportation in Germany.
Dr. Abdulkader Abbas is a consultant radiologist and is the chief of the cardiology department, who was trained for invasive cardiology in Germany.
The heart center is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for diagnosis and investigations in heart disease.
The inauguration well be in the first half of 2002.