OPHTHALMIC EDUCATION (15)  How to Keep Your Eyes Clean and Healthy [Archives:2000/44/Health]

October 30 2000

Allah created human beings and looking at the human eye you can believe in the ability of our lord. Sight is very important and everyone takes care of his or her eyes.Most eye diseases in our community can be prevented or treated in the early stages. Following the preventive methods in dealing with eye diseases can prevent a large number of people from being visually impaired. It also decreases the cost of treating a large number of these diseases and decreases the burden on the community in taking care of the partially sighted or blind people.
Here are some advice and instructions on how to keep your eyes clean and healthy:
Avoid cleaning your eyes using head covers in males Mashada or the veil (Hijab) in females because these head covers are full of bacteria. Use clean soft tissues to keep your eyes clean and healthy.
Each person has to have his own towel to clean his face and shouldnt be used by others. Using other peoples towel transfers infectious diseases easily.
Avoid rubbing your eyes if a foreign body goes into your eyes. Try to wash you eyes to get rid of the foreign body. Rubbing your eyes produces abrasions and damage to the outer coat of the eye.
If you develop an abrasion or an injury to your eyes; then you need to cover your eye with a clean tissue and visit your eye doctor immediately to get the right treatment. Abrasions of the outer coat of the eye are a good media for bacteria to grow.
Avoid using dirty water to wash your face because it contains a lot of microorganisms that can cause serious infections to the eye.
Using sunglasses protects your eyes from sunrays and also provides protection from dust. 
Main causes of unilateral blindness in Yemen are eye injuries and it happens mainly in children. Do not let children play without supervision and remove all dangerous toys with sharp ends. Also prevent children from playing with stones and dangerous guns. 
Pregnant women should avoid getting near cats; because cats can transfer an infectious disease to pregnant ladies and their babies leading to serious eye and brain problems.
Cook your meet thoroughly and clean your vegetables and fruits carefully and avoid non-pasteurized milk. All can transfer serious infections to the eye and brain.
Use protective eyeglasses when welding and drilling. Metal foreign bodies can go easily into the eye and produce serious problems.
Routine eye exam by an eye specialist is very important.
It is your sight and your eyes need every care they deserve.
Reference: PAACO educational leaflets, Cairo Mahfouth A Bamashmus FRCSEd, FRCOphth
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
Ibn-Al-Haitham Clinic
University of Science & Technology, Sanaa