Opinion poll in Yemen against occupation of Iraq [Archives:2004/738/Local News]

May 17 2004

An opinion poll, issued by Al-Raed Center for Research and Studies on a sample of 400 persons in Sana'a Secretariat, regarding the reaction of Yemenis to the scandal of Abu Ghareeb prison and the US occupation of Iraq was published last Tuesday 12 May 2004. 88% believe that the US lied in its legal reasons for invasion of Iraq and that the US occupation of Iraq is a resumption of colonization. 91% supported Iraqi resistance by all means. 88% view the US practices as no different from the practices of the Israeli occupation forces in Palestine.
86% believe that the findings about Abu Ghareeb prison increase hatred toward Americans and lead to sympathy with Al-Qaeda. 89% believe that the approval of the Pentagon to publish the pictures of prisoners in Abu Ghareeb reflects only the US apathy towards Arab opinion. 91% of those involved in the opinion poll are convinced that 'western values' have been undermined by the torture of prisoners under the US custody.