Opposition against US strike growing [Archives:2002/37/Front Page]

September 9 2002

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said again on Saturday that Yemen opposes any US military invasion of Iraq, which it feared would wreak havoc in the region.
“Yemen is against an attack on Iraq,” Saleh was quoted by the official Saba news agency during a meeting with a British parliamentary delegation visiting Yemen.
“The use of force against Iraq will lead to dangers that threaten security and stability in the region,” he said.
This comes after President Saleh had also warned that a US strategy to change rulers of sovereign countries is a dangerous phenomenon.
“It is up to the people to change their ruler. If you don’t want Ali Abdullah Saleh as your President, then it is you who should change him.” he said during the GPC inauguration a few weeks ago criticizing the US approach towards the possibility of changing the Iraqi regime by force.
Most Arab states have voiced opposition to a possible U.S. strike against Iraq, warning of chaos and regional instability if Washington decided to invade the country to remove the government of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
U.S. President George W. Bush is set to meet his closest ally British Prime Minister Tony Blair later on Saturday to discuss Iraq and will outline his case against Saddam in a speech to the United Nations on September 12.