Opposition at Parliament denounces terrorizing MP [Archives:2005/855/Local News]

June 30 2005

The opposition and neutral pact in the Parliament, has issued a communique denouncing the formal and party press campaign against MP Sultan Al-Samiee.

The communique has assured that the campaign is oppressive and dangerous against an MP.

The communique also disapproved government's revival of long forgotten cases and the use of them to blackmail those who oppose its policy.

The Pact also objected to the policy of the Government which accuses its opponents with treason and infidelity. It went on describing this method as contradictory to the democratic procedure which is pursued in Yemen.

The communique considered Al-Samiee's article which was published in Al-shora Newspaper, under the title of “A project for reform from within,” as not worthy of all that campaign. It is a point of view in a political issue. As a Yemeni citizen, he has used his constitutional and legal rights.

MP Al – Samiee is the representative of constituency (68) for the Socialist party (opposition). He was also an MP after 1993 elections

He is famous for his press articles that criticize the government policies, and sometimes accuses it of corruption.

His last article which triggered the criticism against him was published in Al- shora newspaper, under the title “A project for reform from within” issue no.509, on 15/6/2005. It called the government to do a number of reforms. It was an issue that could be discussed; in stead it aroused the government rage.