Opposition leader appointed advisor to Minister of Planning and International Cooperation [Archives:2005/866/Local News]

August 8 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANA'A- A Republican Decree was issued last Saturday, under which the prominent opposition leader Ali Saif Hassan, who was affiliated to the Nasserite Party, was appointed an advisor to the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.

The Republican Decree was issued after Ali Saif Hassan was summoned to the Presidential Palace following his statement to one of the independent newspapers that he intended to run for the forthcoming Yemen's presidential elections.

On the other hand, Abdullah Sallam al-Hakimi, another Yemeni opposition leader living in Cairo, has announced through a local newspaper that he would run for the coming presidential elections scheduled September 2006.

It appears that opposition leaders who declare to take part in Yemen's coming presidential elections receive presidential honouring.