Opposition: ‘No’ to state-run media [Archives:2005/828/Local News]

March 28 2005

Opposition parties held a meeting on March 21, expressing their surprise at the irresponsible acts by the state against opposition parties, particularly the media campaign against them and the unlawful arrests.

They pointed their finger at the Ministry of Interior in particular.

The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) also emphasized that the state should not own media outlets.

“A democratic system requires that the state not own public media.”

In a statement, a copy of which was sent to The Yemen Times, accused the government of exploiting the media to serve its own ends and promote its oppressive policies.

“They mislead public opinion with lies, to terrorize the opposition and proliferate a culture of hatred and incitement against the opposition,” the statement said.

The statement confirmed opposition's commitment to use every constitutional and legal means to have its rights to freedom of expression, peaceful demonstrations, sit-ins, and marches to reject unacceptable laws.