Opposition parliamentary blocs refused voting for the new cabinet [Archives:2007/1044/Front Page]

April 23 2007

SANA'A, April 22) In its session held last Thursday and attended by 225 Members of the Parliament, the opposition parliamentary blocs and the independent MPs declined to vote for the new cabinet chaired over by Dr. Ali Mohammed Mujawar.

However, the new government gained the trust of the General People Congress MPs who shape the majority in the Parliament (196 MPs) and who voted for it while 25 voted against it and four refrained from voting.

After a lengthy debate, the new government gained the trust of the Parliament and committed itself to the recommendations and notices raised by MPs including the allocation of more resources to be spent on human capital through health and education.

In their statement, Yemeni Socialist Party bloc denounced the violations that took place during the session, maintaining the Parliament Presidency Board committed a lot of mistakes and violations during the voting such as the non-declaration of the ministers' financial liabilities.

Similarly, Islah and Nasserite parties' blocs declared that the new government program does not include any pointers for poverty alleviation and eradicating unemployment or improving educational and health services. In addition, the program does not address improving the situation of military and security personnel, with a noticed set back as to the freedom of syndicates' work.

They also hinted at the continuous price hikes especially basic commodities since the formation of the new government, assuring figures does reveal that government moves back wise.

Likewise, several civil society organizations demanded the government to withdraw the article included in the program which dictates uniting all organizations under one umbrella.

In response to MPs comments, Prime Minister Mujawar promised to commit to abide by their notes in line with his Cabinet capabilities, which is something considered by some MPs to be disavowing of his responsibility.