Opposition parties in Taiz demand re-balloting [Archives:2003/634/Local News]

May 5 2003

The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) in Taiz have Saturday demanded a re-balloting at the 37 constituency under supervision and monitoring of local and international organisations.
A statement issued by those parties said that election rigging had occurred at that constituency in favour of the ruling party.
According to the statement, the GPC Committee members voted by using all electoral cards in two centers while on the other hand, a polling box wasn't totally used for balloting.
Despite of all that, the GPC candidate was proclaimed as a winner in that constituency by the Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum.
The statement demanded further the completion of voting in other constituencies such as, 36, 53, 48 where according to the statement, the candidates have been proclaimed winner by power of weapons.
Another statement was issued by the Yemeni Socialist Party criticizing the use of force and influence by the ruling party to change the election results as it happened in the 68 constituency in Taiz where Sultan Assama'ee has won the majority and the 86 constituency in Ibb where Yahya Mansour Abu Usba and the results have been suspended.