Opposition Parties Join Hands on [Archives:1998/01/Local News]

January 5 1998

Trade Unions Syndicates and NGOs
On Thrusday, January 1st, five opposition parties (Yemeni Congregation for Reform – Islah, the Yemeni Socialist Party, the Nasserite Unionist Party, the Ba’ath, and Hizbul-Al-Haqq) issued a joint communique. They said they agreed to support the independence of Yemeni trade unions, syndicates and NGOs and their right to strike and other legal means to defend their members’ interests. The five parties also agreed on the need to limit the state’s control over such organizations. The authority can only have the role of registering newly established trade unions and NGOs, stated the communique. The parties also agreed to lobby for introducing legislation which will affirm these rights and to abolish any rules which contradict these demands.