Opposition threatens to boycott presidential and local elections [Archives:2005/899/Local News]

December 1 2005

SANA'A, Nov. 26)The Joint Meeting Parties threatened that they will not participate in the next presidential elections if the High Committee for Elections continued overstepping their authorities and undermining their rights in violation of the law.

The joint meeting parties renewed their refusal in reducing the number of the voter committees from 5620 to 2400. They said in their release that they are surprised at this resolution that contradicts the law.

The joint meeting parties also warned of the risks that would subject the voter's lists to fraud and contestation favoring the ruling party, it also questions the credibility of the upcoming presidential and local elections.

Mr. Abdo Al-Jondi, head of the information committee in the high committee for Elections and referendums said in a press release that their committee is keen in the involvement of organizations and political parties in the voting committees. He confirmed that the joint meeting parties insisted on11 thousand committees resulting in an unnecessary and large number of committees. However he said that they are ready to accept the suggestions of the parties and committees only if Joint meeting parties accept the changes in voting committees.

Al-Jondi said that they are authorized to form and distribute voters committees over neutral sectors of the civil societies and the universities, expressing sorrow for joint parties boycotting the voters committees.