Opposition to Boycott  Presidential Elections [Archives:1999/32/Front Page]

August 9 1999

SANAA: In a statement by the Opposition Parties Coordination Supreme Council released on Saturday, the Opposition declared that it is boycotting the upcoming presidential elections and asked all citizens not to participate in them. “As we announce a boycott of the presidential elections, we call on voters to refrain from participating in this setback of democracy.” It also requested the authorities to stop wasting money on the presidential campaigns while there are plenty of ways to spend the money for the benefit of the nation. In all, the boycott was an expected action especially that the opposition’s nominee was denied the participation in the elections by the parliament. “We also call on the government to cancel the proposed elections as it is no longer justified in the absence of the terms of democratic competition” they added. 
Many observers think that this move will not change the leadership’s mind in going on with the elections any way.