Oppressed man appeals [Archives:2005/808/Local News]

January 17 2005

Ali Rashid Hareez appealed the Minister of Interior and the President to take action against the harassment practiced by Otomah Security Commander against him.

“He is a tyrant who doesn't obey Allah in his treatment with poor people. He exploits their weaknesses, imprisons some people and insults and blackmails many others. He often takes their money under the pretext of fines, soldiers' fares tc. without any reason,” the man mentioned in his letter.

“He doesn't settle any disputes between civilians unless they pay a large sum of money. Aided by a member of the local authority council, he insults and imprisons whoever stands against his devilish motives,” the letter added.

Ali requests the President as well as the Minister of Interior to have a quick intervention and purify Otomah from such a tyrant who punishes citizens and prevents injustice from prevailing in the area, where people suffer from poverty and diseases.

Such treatment is an example of those who lack all human values and rights.

Ali escaped from his area to Sana'a leaving bereaved children without anyone to protect them and provide them with livelihood.

Will Ali be protected or left for such tyrants?