Options for today and future potential renewable energy as mitigation measures for climate change Climate change & renewable energy [Archives:2002/36/Health]

September 2 2002


Under the auspices of Prime Minister Abdulqadir ba Jammal, a workshop on Climate Change and Renewable Energy will be held at Taj Sheba Hotel in Sana’a on 9th of September 2002. The workshop is organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Environment Protection Authority, with support of the Global Environmental Facility and UNDP.
The workshop will focus on the effects of climate change on Yemen. It will further present renewable energy as an important mitigation measure. Mr. Anwar Abdulaziz, Head of the Climate Change Unit at the Environmental Protection Authority said, “Renewable energy, such as solar and wind, have great potential to support the sustainable development of Yemen. The increase in use of warm water, electricity and cooking can reduce CO2 emission and deforestation and can provide important energy sources in remote areas such as Socotra and other protected areas without negative impacts on the environment.”
Today, already there are several installations that have been made. The workshop will be a unique opportunity for high level decision makers and practitioners to discuss the existing options, to encourage the exploration of the needs for adequate policy and technical developments. The workshop will also include a presentation of various applications based on renewable energy, mainly solar power and wind generating during the extended coffee breaks. The installations will be provided by the Technical Supply Center. The invitees of this workshop include decision makers of government institutions, international organizations, embassies, universities, research institutions, private sector (e.g. hospitals, hotels, companies) and NGOs.
The Environment Protection Authority and Ministry of Tourism and Environment have taken this important step and invited 15 speakers for a panel discussion to speak about the:
-Role of different stakeholders (local/national/international)
-Chances for environmental protection and economic development.
-Impacts on Yemen’s environment.
-Experiences and lessons learned.
-Future strategy
This workshop will be a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to get updated and participate in the panel discussion.