Organized by CBFWorking together for development [Archives:2004/795/Community]

December 2 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Cultures Bridges Forum (CBF) organized an extended meeting with NGOs, donor countries and the European Union in Sana'a Nov. 29
Under the slogan “to work together towards effective role of NGOs in entire development,” the meeting was led by Dr. Abdulkarim al-Eryani, Head of CBF and the political advisor of the president of the Republic.
He said “'working together towards effective role of NGOs' is an open call for cooperation, and partnership for the entire development.” Achieving the partnership and fruitful connection with the NGOs in all their orientations aims to fulfill the purpose of us all, cooperation for developing the role of NGOs.
Al-Eryani pointed out that, “the participation of the president in the eighth summit held in USA in June shows the desire of Yemen, leaders and people, for reform, entire development, and improving the democratic experience in proportion with the nature and requirements of the Yemen society.”
He confirmed that the basic aims of the international initiative for reform is a pressing and public requirement for all, and the NGOs are supposed to be a strategy for this purpose. Change doesn't come directly from highest level but from the base.
“The scope in Yemen is open for cooperation and partnership between the base and top of the pyramid,” he added.
Johan F. L. Blankenberg, Ambassador of Netherlands and the representative of EU in Sana'a, confirmed the historical role the NGOs have been playing, and that comes before the role of the governmental ones.
He pointed out that the charitable organizations appeared before the new country and the government's care about the NGOs is a part of this aspect. The government aims to increase the role of woman participation in education and public occupation in order to create strong and well organized infrastructure.
The representatives of NGOs raised some points that dealt with the bases and principles on which the NGOs are able to support the efforts of fighting poverty throughout participating in providing employment chances by training the male and female staffs and teaching them the different handcrafts allowing them to improve the level of their life.
They are also participating in increasing awareness among people about the importance of democracy, human rights and the environmental in the various economic, political and social fields. They show how the government and the nation are trying to stabilize these values that are based on the Islamic principles.
The extended meeting with the EU and the donor countries is concerned with preparing for the extended conference of the NGOs expected to be held during the first half of the coming year.