Organized by the Yemeni Turkish Association along with Turkish International Schools:Child Day celebrated [Archives:2004/732/Community]

April 26 2004
Photo from archived article: photos/732/community3_1
Photo from archived article: photos/732/community3_1
A ceremony was organized on Thursday by the Yemeni Turkish Association and the Turkish International Schools (TIS) in cooperation with Dar Al-Fikr Schools to commemorate International Child Day, the 23rd of April.
The organizers used the occasion to focus on Yemeni-Turkish relations, especially in the cultural and social fields.
The event was attended by several prominent personalities including the Yemeni-Turkish Association's Chairman, Dr. Abdulhadi Al-Hamdani, Mr. Faruk Yanik, the Manager of TIS, Mr. Hisham Sharaf, Deputy Minister of Planning and Development, along with several other personalities.
During the festivity, a statement by the TIS was given mentioning that the day was proclaimed Child Day upon the formation of the Republic of Turkey in April 23 1920, as a signal of the importance children in building a prosperous tomorrow.
Mr. Walid Al-Saqqaf, the Media Representative of the Yemeni Turkish Association, also gave a statement in which he expressed his delight at the launch of the first public event of the association, and thanked the TIS for their role in promoting friendly relations between the two countries. “As the Yemeni Turkish Association, we commit ourselves to promote social, economic, and cultural relations between the two countries, and we believe that all our partners such as TIS and other Turkish companies in Yemen will support our efforts in this respect.” he said.
The representative of Dar Al-Fikr Schools also gave a statement in which he gave an historical account of Turkey and pledged to support Turkish-Yemen relations.

Children were the stars
The stars of the event were undeniably the children and students of the two schools, TIS and Dar Al-Fikr. Ranging from two and a half to fourteen years old, the children demonstrated incredible talent and ability in performing fabulous acts and sang several songs. Among the interesting sessions of the event was the singing of the marshal songs of Yemen and Turkey in Arabic and Turkish respectively by the same group of students composed of a Turk, a German, and several Yemeni students.
The overall impression of the guests was positive and the event signaled the beginning of a series of other events to promote Yemeni-Turkish relations.